Guide for Authors

Authors are kindly requested to submit their original manuscripts which should not have been published previously elsewhere. Authors should refer to HJES manuscript format to ensure fast processing and publication. The manuscript must be formatted in APA or MLA styles. It must be written in English using Microsoft word (doc or docx format only). The font should be Times New Roman size 12 for the article and the abstract. If the manuscript exceeds 20 pages, the researcher will pay for the rest.  Maximum number of authors is two. The manuscript must include an abstract at the beginning of the first page. It should be written in Italics and should not exceed 200 words. It must include Key words (not more than 6 words). The manuscript must be scanned by iThenticate to prevent plagiarism. Two manuscripts (one of them must be blind i.e. without author's name or affiliation) should be submitted as an email attachment to the following address:

Professor Areeg Ibrabim, Editor in-Chief